OBA | Amsterdam

Design – realisation: 2001–2007

Design: Public Library Amsterdam

Location: Oosterdokseiland |Amsterdam (NL)

Client: City of Amsterdam

Team: Jo Coenen | Geert Coenen | Will Stokkermans | Iwert Bernakiewicz | Max Bachinov | Gerard Extra | Hans Schoot | Bart Erens | Frans Wesseling | купить набор кастрюль Annebregje Snijders | Margriet de Zwart | Wil Ummels | Miriam Boot | Michela Barone | Ingrid Annokkee | Neeltje ten Westenend | Claudy Jongstra дропшипінг україна| Martijn Sandberg | NAT-architecten | Peter van Kempen | Victor Schmidt | Hans Simons | Changiz Tehrani


Skyline and incidence of light


The Amsterdam Public Library (OBA) forms the centre of three major new buildings on the redesigned Oosterdokseiland, close to Central Station. The plan посуд для індукційної плити includes a library of nearly 30,000 m2 (including theatre), a large café, and 9000 m2 of office space. The Amsterdam design incorporates an elevated plinth that acts as a refined transition space between the upper and lower floors. The reading and study rooms are in the form постільна білизна купити of terraces, but instead of spiralling up, they’re positioned around large, high voids. On the top floor is a terrace accommodating the library’s theatre and conference rooms.

The main shape of the building is adapted to its environment; apartments on the west side and on the wide avenue to the east of the conservatory must get плед купить enough sunlight. At the same time, the library, on the broad waters of the Oosterdok, should contribute to an elegant skyline.