Schalkwijk | Haarlem

Design-realisation: 2003-2030

Design: Master plan and Supervision

Location: Schalkwijk | Haarlem (NL)

Client: City of Haarlem

Stakeholders: Owners Association Winkelcentrum Schalkwijk ghostwriter hausarbeit 

Advisors: Droogh Trommelen en Partners (DTnP), Goudappel Coffeng, Lubbers landschap architecten ghostwriter kosten

Developers: AM ontwikkeling, Lunee vastgoed, HB capital, HBB groep, Hoorne vastgoed, Marketplace Development B.V

Team: Jo Coenen ghostwriter erfahrungen | Thomas Offermans | Javier Pinazo | Xenofon Moraitis | Maiara Camilotti | Luciënne | Willem Lucassen | Ard de Vries | Annebregje Snijders | Danny Bovens


Make it lively again

Schalkwijk shopping center was built as a typical “wederopbouw” complex outside the main core of the city of Harlem. It was a time in which the car was the primary mean of transport and shopping centers acted as attractors for entire regions. The reformation of Haarlem Schalkwijk started in ghostwriter hausarbeit the early 2000’s by Jo Coenen’s team. In 2018 a new system was introduced in which 50%  of the commercial area in the shopping center was removed. The updated masterplan includes a diversity of new functions such as sport facilities, housing, cinema, shops, cultural centers and a new market. Schalkwijk is located in a strategic area surrounded by residential areas (Europawijk, Schalkwoud, Meerwijk, Molenwijk). The aim of the masterplan is to collaborate with the large number of individual and corporate owners, in order to reorganise the neighbourhood and add new functions, programs and social interactions to attract people bachelorarbeit schreiben lassen mainly from these neighbourhoods. The new developments will improve the aesthetics and functionality of the urban fabric with contemporary buildings and public spaces making the area lively again.